Regulations of Stay in Pili Pili

§ I. General provisions
1. The regulations specify the conditions for booking accommodation and using the services at the Pili-Pili facility. Making a reservation or checking in implies familiarity with and acceptance of the regulations. The regulations apply to all guests staying on the premises. The regulations are available for viewing on the website.

§ II. Hotel stay
1. Cottages and apartments at the Pili-Pili facility are rented for a predetermined period. Depending on availability, it is possible to extend the stay. The hotel stay begins at 3:00 PM on the day of arrival and ends at 11:00 AM the next day. Check-in is available from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Please inform us of your estimated time of arrival via email or SMS.

§ III. Reservations and payment
1. Reservations can be made by email at
2. After sending an inquiry, we confirm the possibility of reservation within 24 hours.
3. The reservation will be finalized after paying a deposit of 60% of the total value of the stay. The remaining amount is to be paid by bank transfer before arrival or in cash upon arrival.

IV. Bank account details for the transfer:
Pili Pili / Astrid Bienaimé
Bank PKO Polska
PLN: 04 1020 3639 0000 8902 0179 9329
EUR: PL40 1020 3639 0000 8502 0210 5591
Please provide the reservation details, such as your name and reservation date, in the payment title. We do not accept credit card payments!
To receive an invoice, please notify us no later than on the day of arrival.
Changes to the reservation are possible but are subject to availability. Changes can be made no later than 6 months after the reservation.
In case of canceling the reservation, the deposit will not be refunded.

§ IV. Terms and scope of services
1. The Pili-Pili facility provides services according to its standard.
2. As part of the accommodation service, guests have access to an unguarded parking lot, free Wi-Fi, a small boat, and bicycles.
3. Additional paid services:
– Sauna: PLN 50 per session | maximum of 5 people
– Kayaks: price to be determined individually
4. The accommodation price includes a set of bed linen.
5. The facility is not responsible for malfunctions and their consequences that are beyond its control.

§ V. Guest’s obligations related to accommodation

1. Guests are obliged to observe quiet hours from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. Only registered guests are allowed on the premises.
2. Guests accept and agree to use the rooms and common areas responsibly. Common areas are available from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, except for the grilling area, which is available to guests in the evenings.
3. Due to fire safety, guests are not allowed to use any electrical devices that are not part of the equipment, except for laptops, electric shavers, hairdryers, and chargers.
4. When leaving the facility, guests are required to close the windows in the room and ensure that the room door is locked.
5. Please do not leave valuable items in the facility. The facility is not responsible for their loss or damage.
6. Please maintain cleanliness and order in the rooms and other common areas.
7. Pets are not allowed on the premises of the Pili-Pili facility. We have our own pets on the premises. Parents are requested to supervise their children’s behavior towards animals. While the animals are accustomed to people, we are not responsible for any consequences resulting from interactions with them.
8. If the room is not vacated by the agreed-upon time, the staff has the right, even in the absence of the guest, to enter the room, pack the guest’s belongings, and leave them in a designated place at the guest’s expense and risk until they are collected by the guest. The cost of packing the belongings is PLN 50. The cost of storing the guest’s belongings is PLN 10 per day. After 30 days, the belongings will be handed over to the nearest Lost and Found Office or disposed of.
9. The facility may refuse to accept a guest if all accommodation places have been filled or if the guest has significantly violated the regulations during their stay or disrupted the peaceful stay of other guests or the functioning of the facility in any other way.
10. The Pili-Pili facility may refuse to admit a guest who is under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. In such a case, the facility reserves the right to retain the full or partial payment due for the guest’s stay.
11. In the event of a guest’s violation of the provisions of the Regulations during their stay, the facility may refuse to provide services to the person who has violated them. Such a person is obliged to comply immediately with the facility’s requests, settle the payment for the services provided so far, pay for any damages, and leave the facility. The payment for the service will not be refunded in such a case.
12. In the event of inappropriate or aggressive behavior by a guest that violates order, the dignity of other individuals, or their personal belongings, the facility reserves the right to summon the appropriate security services and ask the guest to leave the facility without the possibility of a refund for the unused stay.
13. The guest bears full financial responsibility for the intervention of security services resulting from their improper behavior, if such a situation arises.
14. Upon request of the reception staff, the guest is obliged to provide identification.
15. Guests are required to familiarize themselves with the fire safety instructions and adhere to them, as well as to follow general safety rules.
16. Hosts should note that children staying on the premises are under the exclusive and full responsibility of their parents or guardians. Please exercise particular caution around the pool, pond, and all stairs and balconies.
17. Parties and special events must be discussed prior to the guest’s arrival. The organization of such events is allowed if the entire facility is reserved by the same group. The price list in this situation may change.

§ VI. Complaints

1. Guests have the right to file complaints in case of any deficiencies in the quality of the provided services. Complaints should be submitted promptly after noticing the deficiencies.
2. All complaints in written form will be accepted by the owner.
3. The complaint will be processed within 14 days from its submission. In the case of disputed issues, the provisions of the Civil Code will apply. Complaints submitted after checking out of the room will not be considered.

§ VII. Personal data protection

1. By making a reservation, the guest hereby gives consent to the placement of their personal data in the lessor’s database responsible for the reservation process. The guest’s personal data will be processed solely for the purpose of providing services in accordance with the provisions of the Act of August 29, 1997, on the Protection of Personal Data. The administrator of personal data is the Pili-Pili facility. The guest has the right to access their personal data and request changes.

§ VIII. Final provisions

1. Any disputes related to the implementation of the agreement will be resolved amicably through negotiations, and in case of failure to reach an agreement, the disputes will be settled by the local court with jurisdiction over the facility’s registered office.
2. Any matters not regulated by the Regulations will be governed by the provisions of the applicable law.
3. Polish law shall apply to disputes between the Pili-Pili facility and the guest.
4. In case of discrepancies between the translation of the regulations from Polish to a foreign language, the Polish version of the regulations shall prevail.
5. The facility reserves the right to change the regulations at any time.
We wish you a pleasant stay!

§ IX. Company details, correspondence address

Pili-Pili Retreat Astrid Bienaimé
Kozłowo 1, 11-731 Sorkwity